"Northbrook NINE is a no-brainer; let me count the ways: 1. the events bring people to the village and residents out of their homes who are ready, willing and able to spend money; everyone wins 2. pooling of resources for the benefit of all 3. event planners share ideas---that was not happening before 4. events cross-promote each other's events--that was not happening before 5. the whole is larger than the sum of its parts--9 times the impact 6. economies of scale 7. scope of marketing that we could not possibly do/afford individually 8. expertise that we could not possibly do/afford individually 9. did I mention everyone wins?"

Dale Duda
Northbrook Farmers Market

"The Northbrook Nine has become a recognized platform which brings the community together. It is a great cost savings too! All of the advertising in the newspaper, banners, website, and street signs have helped gain awareness for the Sidewalk Sale, and the price has been extremely reasonable. With the help of the Northbrook Nine, additional costs were saved for our event as the Northbrook Nine helped find a sponsor who provided free face painting as well as a partial sponsor for our train rides for children."

Marie Junkman
Sidewalk Sale

"While the primary financial value is in the advertising efficiencies, creating our event steering committee has opened up opportunities we could never have anticipated. Just knowing each other and sharing all kinds of resources has made us all better."

Judy Hughes

The Northbrook Nine is not only an outstanding partner for the Pancake Festival, but a great example of how smaller organizations/events have evolved to adapt to changing times. The pooling of resources to drive down prices and increase leverage with vendors is the blueprint for modern day procurement. The best part about the NBK9, though, is that even though exposure is going up, costs are going DOWN!!!

Dave Owen
The Pancake Festival